TCS NQT 2019 Off Campus Interview experience

The TCS National qualifier test (NQT) was conducted on August  2019 and I got a mail saying I had qualified the test. After few days, I got the mail with the interview details on 2-3 days later they sent the mail and it really gave me very less time for the interview but my technical concepts were very clear and it gave me the confidence to go for it.

Problems most of the students faced during the test :

  • There was Python 2 but not python 3 so most of the students could not do well in the coding section.(Know the difference or prefer C, C++ or Java)
  • In some cases the instructions screen was empty. (You must know the instructions of each section of the test very well)
  • Compilers take very long time to compile. They are not very fast and can even take minutes. (You must be aware of the time)
  • For Java, learn how to copy from Eclipse(it was provided during the test) to the editor or just type everything fast. (Copy didn’t work well with Ctrl C & Ctrl V).

TCS Ninja Profile Interview :

It was scheduled at KIET College, Ghaziabad. I had the afternoon slot so I reached there at 12:00 in my formals and they verified the details. Then all the students were made to sit in a classroom and they were called one by one in an order.

Technical Round:

There were two panel members, two gentlemen P1 and P2.

(In most of the cases one was friendly (P1) and the other wasn’t (P2))

Me while entering the room “good afternoon sir”.

P1: Good afternoon have a seat.

P1: So, tell us something about yourself.

Me: “My name is Name and I’m currently pursuing B. Tech from College in CSE. I’ve       secured 83 & 85% marks in my class 10th and 12th respectively. Ever since my school days I found Java very interesting which have motivated me to choose CSE as my carrier choice. I’ve done my industrial training FROM in Android with Java and Networking. I’m also an active member of GROUP in my college which have thought me a lot of team work. My hobbies are HOBBIES. That’s all about me.  ”

P1: You have mentioned Data Structures in your resume right?

Me: Yes Sir.

P1: Tell me atleast 3-5 advantage of Linked Lists and Arrays over each other.

Me: Answered. (Indexing, Traversal, Addition, Deletion in terms of complexities)

P1 :  How would you explain Stack and Queue to me?

Me: Answered with examples. (LIFO-book shelf, FIFO-Ticket Counter)

P2: What is Binary Search Tree?

Me: Answered

P1: What is Data base Connectivity in Java?(I mentioned in resume)

Me: Answered.

P1 immediately: Can you write all the finctions and steps used in JDBC?

Me: Answered. (It was correct.)

P2: What is OOPS and its features?

Me: Answered

P1: What are Joins and its types in SQL?

Me: Answered

P1: What are the different types of Databases, give example for each?

Me: Answered

P2: Why do you want to join TCS?

Me: Answered.

P2: What do you know about TCS?

Me: Answered.

P2: Can you name some products TCS have developed ?

Me: Answered.

I was selected for HR interview next.

HR (lady): Good afternoon!

(She was talking to someone on phone for two minutes while I was waiting.)

HR : So tell me something about yourself?

Me : Answered.

HR: How was your journey since writing the NQT exam and sitting here?

Me :  Answered.(As a story)

HR: Do you have any relocation constraints?

Me: No sir I’ll work anywhere in India.

HR: We work in shifts, so are you comfortable with working at night?

Me: Answered. (I’m a hostler, I don’t mean this in a negative way but we mostly study at nights so I am comfortable.)

HR Laughs. 😀

HR: Tell me something about family background?

Me: Answered.

HR: Tell me something about your activity GROUP in college?

Me: Answered

HR: What are your hobbies?

Me: Answered.

HR: Do you have any questions for me?

Me: Yes and asked a question.( How is the work culture in TCS and what extra a fresher can benefit? )

HR answered very well.

HR : Thank you Akash. We’ll let you know via e-mail. (She took my resume)

Got mail with offer letter attached in 12 days!

All the very best. 😀

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