• Least Common Ancestor (LCA) problem.

    23rd Dec 2019 by

    You are given pointer to the root of the binary search tree and two values  and . You need to return the lowest common ancestor (LCA) of v1 and v2  in the binary search tree. In the diagram above, the lowest common ancestor of the nodes 4 and 6 is the node 3 . Node 3  is the lowest node which has nodes 4  and 6 as descendants. CODE… Read more

  • TCS NQT 2019 Off Campus Interview experience

    3rd Dec 2019 by

    The TCS National qualifier test (NQT) was conducted on August  2019 and I got a mail saying I had qualified the test. After few days, I got the mail with the interview details on 2-3 days later they sent the mail and it really gave me very less time for the interview but my technical… Read more

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